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Hi, I am Tim Miller and in my past week, I have translated more than 15 000+ words of content in the form of blog posts, articles, social mix and more. If you prefer to hire me to turn your thoughts into reality, I can help your words get perfected style and rhythm to fit your target audience.

For robotic writing I am of no use, I love putting my own translations with some smooth saying. In earlier days writing was just a way of passing time which soon became a full-time passion.

Some of my latest content at the Allmedscare Fitness and Health Platform is as follows:

Cause of urine incontinence in women its types and remedies

Women who close their legs while coughing or sneezing is not for style. Only a woman can understand how it feels to leak urine.

Best pills for better sex

A lot of women and men face sexual disorders due to numerous reasons. This post will help one guide better on medicines such as buy Aurogra, Fildena, Cenforce, etc to overcome men, women sexual illnesses.

What can Watermelon do to

Do not take watermelon for granted. This fruit has numerous hidden capabilities that will surprise your mind.

Tim Miller

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