Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Mother and two daughters sew face masks to donate to Salucare, Inc., Family and Friends

(Siva McAteer, Olivia McAteer, Ilise McAteer and Kasey Stephens Development & Events Coordinator of Salucare, Inc.)

Siva McAteer and her two daughters Olivia (18-year-old, Freshman at the Miami Fashion Institute) and Ilise (17-year-old Senior at Riverdale High School, founder of Hair Ties That Change Lives) found a way to make a difference in the community by using their leftover scraps from all their sewing projects they did together. They set out to make face masks to help out health care workers at Saluscare, Inc.

This family is not new to sewing for a good cause. Last year Ilise McAteer and her classmates started Hair Ties that Change Lives and raised $1244.00 in three months and paid for adoption fees for animals at the Gulf Coast Humane Society. With fabric and elastic already available it was especially easy for them to start working on making the face masks right away.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and all the schools being closed the three ladies had already planned to do a lot of sewing with their free time. When the call for help was seen all over the news and social media they knew their skills, supplies and passion would come in handy. They set out to make 200 face masks and completed in four days.

Hard to believe we made almost 200 mask from this box. AND this is the end of the project! It's the never ending scrap box that keeps growing.

Video Clips of the Process

Olivia McAteer is a Freshman studying Fashion Design at the Miami Fashion Institute

Ilise McAteer is a freshman at Riverdale college. Here are a few photos of Her CAS Project Hair Ties that Change Lives.

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