The 2018 Hmong American New Year

If you've never heard of "Hmong" your not alone. I am Hmong and the Hmong people are nomads with no country of their own. Many of the Hmong originated from Southeast Asia from Laos. Every year the Hmong people in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area host the Hmong American New Year at the River Centre in St. Paul, MN during the Thanksgiving holiday. The New Year is a time to show off your traditional clothing and meet new people. Pov Pob, is a ball tossing game that people play at the New Year. It is a courting game where a man and women toss a ball back and forth in attempts to get to know each other. In addition to this there is plenty of food to try, music to listen to and entertainment to watch.

I lived in Minnesota for 18 years before moving to Fort Myers, FL so it was nice to go back to see my family. Here's a taste of what the event looked like and some of the activities we did. I was glad my kids could experience what I did as a teenager. #Hmong, #HmongAmericanNewYear, #sivamcateerdesigngroupllc, #HANY, #Thanksgiving

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