HHTCL giving check to Gulf Coast Humane Society

It's always nice to hear some good news between the mix of tragedies and politics when you turn on the tv. I was so amazed to hear Fox4 and ABC7 wanted to cover my daughter Ilise's CAS project Hair Ties That Change Lives. All five girls: Ilise McAteer, Jaseleth Carranza, Megan Carrigan, Tramese Godfrey, and Alvina Nguyen worked hard to make and sell hair ties to raise $1,244.00.

With the money they raised they wanted to use it to give back to the community by giving it to the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Not only did they want to help the animals they wanted to surprise unsuspecting future pet parents by paying for their adoption fees. Let me just say, it was very heart warming to see grown adults cry knowing that five teenage girls would want to do this for a stranger. There goal was to help out the animals and get them in to fur ever homes.

First Pet Parents they surprised by paying for the adoption fees.

Second Pet Parent they surprised by paying for the adoption fees.

Friday was not only a great day for the girls to be at the Gulf Coast Humane Society, but it was also International Women's Day. These five teenage girls are what the world needs more of. As a mother of two daughters I am proud to say that I have and will always tell them that they can do and achieve anything if they put there mind to it. It's so important to empower your child and give them the attention and tools they need to succeed.

Here are the links to see the girls on tv:



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