Olivia McAteer donates 10 masks to the unsung heroes who handle our mail everyday.

Olivia McAteer (18-year-old, Freshman at the Miami Fashion Institute) donated 10 masks to the post office in Fort Myers (4585 Palm Beach Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33905). She and her family are now selling face masks to the public to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. With the orders they have been receiving they have been making many trips to the post office. The staff at this location were very helpful and this was her way of saying, “Thank You!” for all they do everyday.

To date, Olivia and her family have donated 276 face masks to medical professionals, family and friends. Along with donating the mask, they have also been shipping the mask for free for those who requested them. Now that the requests are still coming in they can no longer afford to keep doing this for free. The family has decided to start selling the mask to cover the cost of supplies and shipping. Their masks can be found at

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